Wurldtech Security

Various Projects

Founded in 2006, Wurldtech specializes in protecting their clients from cyber attack. Their team of security experts works extensively with both manufacturers and operators of critical infrastructure, ranging from industrial control systems to personal medical devices.

Wurldtech hired us in the spring of 2013 for a short-term 5-week contract, in order to assist with developing a UX strategy and to develop a selection of templates for a prototype of their upcoming enterprise security-focused SaaS product.

Our team worked with Wurldtech's existing software engineers, developing a selection of front-end templates for the application. The static templates we developed, which were then integrated with back-end web services by Wurldtech's team, were designed and built responsively on the Zurb Foundation platform.

There was no back-end integration involved on this initial project, as Taunt was hired strictly to develop front-end templates for hand-off to Wurldtech's engineering team.

From April to July 2014, Wurldtech engaged us for front-end development on a completely new, internal-facing web application. The application we're currently building is an AngularJS-based SPA (single-page application) that depends on a REST API built on the Django framework. It includes a set of tools allowing Wurldtech engineers to easily and efficiently monitor network activity and perform threat analysis at remote client sites.

As of September 2014, we've been engaged for a second phase of development on the same project, which is currently ongoing.

(Screenshots available upon request.)

Technical summary

For our initial project, the interface was developed on the Zurb Foundation responsive framework. We also made extensive use of the Kendo UI library for a number of interactive components and controls. With our latest project, we're utilizing Foundation again, in conjunction with the AngularJS MVW framework on the client-side.

For usability and visual design, we were glad to partner again with third-party UX designer Steve Harvey, Principal at Thirdeye Communications, based primarily in Bangkok, Thailand.

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