Work at Play Media Labs

Various Projects

Work at Play (W@P) is a studio that brings value to clients by strengthening their brand experiences in a mobile and socially-connected world. They engage customers with continuous, meaningful interactions across websites, mobile apps, and social channels.

Taunt has had a great ongoing relationship with Work at Play, having been contracted for several projects for (primarily) gaming industry clients, going back to late 2012. Most of the tasks we've undertaken for W@P have been confidential, and behind strict NDAs, so we can't go into much detail or show screenshots.

What we can tell you is that we've worked with a variety of platforms and technologies for W@P clients, focused specifically on client-side scripting. This includes fine-detail work with Telerik's Kendo framework and Backbone.js, and the Java-based Spring framework. Front-end projects have included development of heavy-duty charting and gaming currency management tools, as well as touch-based UI work.

Very little (if any) visual design integration was involved from our end, as we generally developed front-end code based on clickable prototypes, software requirements specs, and user-acceptance testing (UAT) criteria. Theming was typically handled by other team members.

On an unrelated note, our good friends at Work at Play also help out the local community by hosting a number of meetup groups and networking events in their open office space, including our very own Vancouver Community Experience Group.

  • Reliability. It's an easy word to throw around, but anyone who has hired contractors knows that reliability is not so easy to find. Nick is always professional. He consistently delivers high quality work, and he is clear in his communications.

    In a word. Reliable.

    (When you need help to get something done, call Nick. Except when I need him. Then he's busy.)

Technical summary

Without naming names or describing projects, we worked with client-side MVC and MVVM frameworks like Backbone.js and Kendo UI MVVM. As well, we made use of powerful external libraries like Kendo DataViz for charting, Require.js for module and asset organization, and Hammer.js for multi-touch gesture handling on tablets and other mobile devices. On the server-side, we worked primarily with RESTful web service APIs built on the Spring framework.

For the various projects Taunt has taken on for Work at Play, we've worked both on-site and remotely, focused primarily on pure client-side scripting, as well as templated markup and integration with local and third-party web services.

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