Various Projects

Scholantis came on board as one of Taunt's very first clients in 2011. They provide SharePoint-based solutions that deliver maximum value for school districts, their educators, students, parents and community.

We've taken on a number of projects for Scholantis, typically involving Microsoft SharePoint UX work — including full theme and template development and customization. We worked hand-in-hand with Scholantis' in-house team and their successful education-based framework.

A selection of sample sites we've worked on with Scholantis are listed below, consisting primarily of heavily customized Sharepoint deployments for school districts and boards across BC, Alberta, and Ontario.

  • Nick's a smart, very hard-working, extremely knowledgeable and capable guy. His perspective and outlook is wider than most so he's able to comprehend a given subject matter and apply it to his work in a meaningful way. Combine that with being super personable, and he delivers value in way you don't see too often.
  • Nick is a top notch UX developer; he helped us take our product to the next level. I highly recommend Nick for any user experience technical work.

Technical summary

For these projects, we worked with Scholantis' extensive SharePoint-based framework, which sits on top of SharePoint and provides a variety of pre-built components and template types that are custom-tailored for use by educational institutions. Most of the tasks we took on involved theming (including dynamically segments theme regions using LESS), implementing and styling complex SharePoint Web Parts and third-party controls, and template customization.

In all cases, we worked in tandem with outside visual design resources contracted by Scholantis, which varied depending on the project.

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