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Protagonize is a creative writing community dedicated to writing various forms of collaborative, interactive fiction. One author writes a story, and others post branches or chapters to it in different directions. The result is an organic, evolving story where everyone can participate.

We developed Protagonize as an attempt to modernize the collaborative creative writing arena; this entailed providing enhanced usability to authors, creating better tools for them to publish and distribute their content, and allow them to easily work with others.

Protagonize launched at the very end of 2007, and has been receiving an excellent response from users and the press, with over 25,000 authors signing up for the site since its debut.

  • Nick's one of those rare guys who can write mean back-end code *and* design a killer UI. We loved having him at ThoughtFarmer, and we're thrilled at the success he's had with his endeavours since then, like Protagonize.
  • Those with a chance to work with Nick should seize it. Nick is an incredibly talented developer able to create and code solutions quickly and elegantly who interacts amazingly well with diverse teams and always brings his best game to the work he does.

    Nick is also very creative and brings an entrepreneurial approach to his work that has allowed him to continue to be a leading UX developer in Vancouver as well as develop his award-winning Protagonize site.