DigiCoyote Software

Public Web Site

DigiCoyote Software is a full-service software and web design firm. Their creative intellect, leading-edge technologies, and rigorously dedicated team comes together to build captivating, interactive experiences that deliver results.

One of our longest-term partners, DigiCoyote is a distributed organization that utilizes subcontractors like Taunt to supplement their in-house team, depending on the scale and breadth of the projects they take on. We've worked with DigiCoyote since late 2011 on a number of projects in a broad variety of fields, ranging from building automation dashboards to educational tools and teaching aids.

For this project, DigiCoyote was tasked with developing a new public web site for an existing, longstanding client (which we don't currently have permission to name.) We were brought on to build out the front-end templates and work with the back-end team to integrate with Telerik Sitefinity, the client's content management system (CMS) of choice.

Technical summary

Our initial development process included some stand-alone prototyping of a customized Vimeo-based video carousel component for the site's homepage, as a proof-of-concept. We also implemented a number of static HTML5 templates for prime content areas and landing pages, to then be integrated into the Sitefinity CMS.

The original visual concept was devised by DigiCoyote's team; however, mid-project, the client experienced a significant shift in the management of their internal marketing team. This new management opted to source an entirely new design from an overseas firm with significantly less experience in building for the web or mobile devices.

While disappointing, this was not an insurmountable challenge. However, it led to a final product which, while clean and functional, housed a much more conservative (and, arguably, less usable) look-and-feel.