Taunt Media helps launch PlayTheWeb content attribution initiative


Over the course of the last two months, Taunt Media founder and principal Nick Bouton has been participating in a new initiative with several other Vancouver-based web professionals and organizations in order to promote the concept of "Web Play" through ethical reuse of content on the web.

PlayTheWeb.org: A content attribution and reuse initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the reuse of content with respect to the original rights of the copyright holder(s). PlayTheWeb's eventual goal is to create, document, and support a new attribution microformat to track attribution and historical information about media items that are reused around the web.

PlayTheWeb.orgPlayTheWeb.org is a blog created to detail the development of and related discussion around this new microformat. Over the weekend, Taunt Media launched the new look and feel for the site, which has been in the works for the last few weeks. The site is intended to encourage discussion of ethical content reuse, discuss related technologies and techniques, business models and applications, as well as foster the community who will help develop the microformat.

To reference the site's raison d'être:

One of the core initiatives for PlayTheWeb.org is to support the development of a new open content attribution format in order to help content creators and application developers publish where and from whom reused content is being sourced.

As of today, the participating members of the PlayTheWeb initiative are:

David Gratton, Donat Group / Project Opus
Brian Leroux, Nitobi
Nick Bouton, Taunt Media / Protagonize
Rob Linton, Project Opus
Séamus O’Connor, Project Opus
Loren Davidson, Project Opus
Greg Field, Project Opus

Are you interested in the realm of content attribution? We'd love to hear your feedback. If you're interested in joining the discussion, please follow us over at PlayTheWeb.org.

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