Protagonize featured in Georgia Straight technology column


Our flagship community site, Protagonize, was featured today in the Georgia Straight, a large-format weekly paper here in B.C.

Protagonize featured in the Georgia Straight's "Techno Logic" column

In what has been an excellent week for traditional press coverage (including a sidebar yesterday in the Vancouver edition of 24hrs, a free daily newspaper published across Canada), the Straight featured Protagonize today in Blaine Kyllo's Techno Logic column.

Here's are a couple of excerpts from the article:

Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who, when I saw what hypertext could do, thought the technology was perfect for Choose Your Own Adventure stories. The books, which let readers decide what happens in the narrative, were part of the inspiration for Nick Bouton’s, a finalist in the social-media websites category of the 2008 Canadian New Media Awards, to be presented in October.

But Bouton’s site does much more than provide an opportunity for readers to decide whether a story’s protagonist will climb the stairs to the dark, cobwebbed attic or open the mouldy door to the dank basement. Site users actually write the stories. Or, more accurately, they write additions to the stories that appear on the site, what Bouton calls "addventures". Over coffee in Gastown, the Vancouver programmer explained that the term refers to stories that contributors can branch at any point.

Web community spins Protagonize's yarns [Rod Filbrandt illustration]This quote pretty much sums up the interview:

In Bouton’s view, Protagonize is as much a community Web site as it is a writing site. "You can’t have one without the other in this case," he said. "It could be a writing site without a community, but it would be a one-sided affair. I think you need the community to keep driving it forward."

You can check out the full article about Protagonize here in the Georgia Straight.

[Rod Filbrandt illustration]

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