Taunt Media launches Vancouver Community Experience Group


We at Taunt Media are proud to announce our support and sponsorship of the brand new Vancouver Community Experience Group, also known as #VanCX.

The group is currently hosted at Meetup, and you can sign up at VanCX.com if you have an interest in community development and operations. The group is geographically centered around the Greater Vancouver area, but everyone is welcome to participate in our discussions.

Vancouver Community Experience Group (#VanCX)

Inspired by the success of other Vancouver-based user groups focused on technical development and web-based experiences such as VanJS, netBC, and the Vancouver User Experience Group, the Vancouver Community Experience Group represents Vancouver-based online community developers, managers, and designers. Do you own, operate or participate in the management of an online community or social network? Join VanCX and share your experiences with the rest of us!

The group's first meetup is currently been planned, but is no date or venue has scheduled as of yet. If you have a venue or location that might be suitable for our first meetup, please contact Nick Bouton at Taunt Media and we'll do our best to get something organized with your help.

We're looking forward to helping other online communities get started here in Vancouver — please join us if you're interested in community development!

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